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Mars Explorers

This half term we are all looking at different types of explorers!

The National Literacy Trust is running a competition to design a 'HAB' for explorers to live in on Mars.

'HAB' is short for habitat. A habitat for explorers on Mars would need to contain everything to survive and thrive on a new planet. Use your imaginations and creativity to come up with your own 'HAB'.

You may have heard about the rover, Perseverance, that has just landed on Mars to try and detect life and even look for possible areas a HAB could be located. Who knows perhaps a Landscore explorer could one day visit Mars! There is lots more information and images of the 'Perseverance' mission here:

Below are two examples that may give you a bit of inspiration. There is also the HAB design sheet that you can complete your design on.

If you would like to enter your HAB to the competition then please email Mr Seller ( your entry by Friday March 26th

Download PDF • 2.97MB

Download PDF • 444KB

Download PDF • 977KB


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