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Maths - Friday 10th September

Here is a video linked to today's session -

Feel free to have a go at the questions in the video, and if you would like to the worksheet for the video is linked here and the answers here.

We will be looking at how many different numbers we can make, using a place value chart.

Using the cards above I can make these numbers: 364 346 464 436 634 643

How did I layout my answers? How do I know I haven't missed any?

We would like you to today to explore the problem below.

You have a place value chart and 4 counters. How many different numbers can you make using only those counters.

How will you know when you have recorded all the possibilities?

You will need to work systemically to work out the answers – think about how best to move the counters so you don't miss a number!

Challenge question:


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