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Romans invade Team 2!

We were so lucky today to have a Roman Soldier (Felix!) from Primary Education Group join us in school to help us with our Roman Knowledge.

We were very proud to show off the shields we have made and we had such a fun time!

We learnt some Latin words, acted out some of the games and scenes that the Romans would have seen in the colosseum (such as chariot racing!) , perfected our marching skills, learnt a Roman salute and also took on different Roman roles (such as working in stables, cooks and some of us had a go at being a Roman Emperor!)

We looked at a Roman helmet, discussed the Roman army and we even took part in our own battle (Romans Vs barbarians and then Romans vs vicious creatures!)

It felt like we were there in the Roman times and everyone had a fantastic experience - have a look at some of the fabulous photos below:


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