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Support for Home Learning

Consistent routines are important for behaviour and wellbeing for children and our routines at home have

changed significantly. You will be finding a new rhythm with your family to find what works best for you all.

Click on the headings below to access the resources to support you and your child with finding your new routines and structure and maintaining positive mental health.

This resource encourages children to think about the routine of the day, positives throughout the day and setting daily goals for them to achieve.

This toolkit has a range of activities and ways to support children with the following: Wellbeing (pg2), Coping with Isolation (pg3), Negative Thoughts (pg6), Worry (pg8), Managing Anxiety (pg9), Breathing (pg10), Sleep (pg11), Ideas for Parents (pg12) and Where to Find Support (pg15)

This website covers topics such as information about coronavirus for children, managing anxiety, managing the days at home and learning resources.

'Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed a lot for families with children in the past few weeks. And we know parents and carers might be worried about balancing working from home with family life, from creating structure to coping with difficult feelings. We've got tips and advice to support you and your family – whether you want to try something new today or just start thinking about changes to make over the coming weeks.'

Action for Children are offering online parenting support for families anywhere in the UK, whatever age their children are. You can look through their online resources ( and family practitioners are available for free, confidential 1-1 live chat, about anything you might want help with.

We hope that these resources help you and your child to build a new routine in to support your home learning. Please email you child’s class teachers if you would like any further guidance.


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