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Surprise Visitors to Team 1

Team 1 were lucky enough to start the new Summer term with an exciting visit from some bottle-fed lambs.

Mr and Mrs Coney (Miss Coney's parents) very kindly brought the lambs in for the children to meet and feed.

This visit linked to our Theme in which the children are learning about lifecycles and basic survival needs.

Needless to say the children loved it! (the adults were quite smiley too!). We are proud to report that the children were all very calm and sensible around the lambs. After the visit the children composed a list of questions to find out more about the needs of lambs and sheep. Mr and Mrs Coney made a great short video packed with information to answer these questions. The visit was timed perfectly for the children to write 'thank you' letters in their English lessons.

It was a busy but brilliant first week back!

Here are a few photographs of the lamb visit and some lovely thank you letters.


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