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Team 1 DT / Theme Monday 8.2.21

Today, we would like you to design what your model castle will look like. Below are some questions that you will need to consider:

  • How many towers will your castle have?

  • Where will the towers go?

  • Will the towers have cone rooves?

  • Will there be battlements on every wall?

  • What finishing touches will you add to your model? – a moat? Some grass? Arrow slits?


  • What equipment will you need to make your model castle?

Now we would like you to draw your castle design. Click here for the design sheet.

We would like you to list the things you will need to make your model. This could be done with drawings or writing.

We would also like you to label the different features of your model castle, such as towers / battlements / drawbridge etc.


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