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Team 1 DT / Theme Tuesday 2.2.21

This week is the start of a mini DT (Design Technology) project to make a model castle. We know that lots of you have already had a go at creating castles over the last couple of weeks but we would really like you to join in with this to learn / practise some DT skills.

Today we are focusing on learning how to make towers and using scissors safely and correctly to cut battlements using paper. This is intended to be a chance to explore and experiment. We are not creating a finished piece today.


1) How can we make a castle tower that will stand up?

We would like you to explore making a tower that will stand up (without you holding on to it!) Have a go on your own first, before you ask a grown up. Once you have had a go, share your ideas or attempts with them and see if it can be improved.

You could use newspaper or paper.

What do you have to do to the paper to create the shape of the tower?

What could you use to fix it so that it stays in the tower shape?

Click here for an idea if you need some help.

Now, think about how to get the tower to stand up.

What could you do to the bottom of the tower to give it a wider, stable base?

Click here for an idea if you need some help.

We would like you to practise these 2 skills until you feel confident with them.

2) Can you cut battlements out of paper?

You could use newspaper or paper.

Can you hold and use scissors correctly and safely to cut out the shape / pattern of the castle battlements? Ask a grown to help check that you are safe when using scissors.

You could do this on a plain piece of paper if you're feeling confident!

Or, click here if you would like a pattern to cut.

If you need more practise with your scissor skills, click here and have a go at following the lines with your scissors to cut different shaped strips of paper.

Want an extra challenge?

Can you make a cone shaped roof for your tower?

Click here for some helpful tips / ideas.

Now think about how to join it to the tower. What have you already learned that could help with this? (see above)


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