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Team 1 English 25.1.21

This week you will be writing your own magical adventure story based on the 'Castle Adventure'. We are very excited about this and we hope that you are too!

Today, you will need to plan the main events that are going to happen in your story. Remember, it should be based on the structure and main events of the 'Castle Adventure' story, just with some changes to make it your own.

Last week you should have chosen where your adventure story will happen, who the 3 bad characters are and what spell has been put on the King. You will need to remember and use those ideas today when planning your story.

Have a look at a story map of the 'Castle Adventure' to see the main parts for you to try to include.

Now use this story map template to draw the main events of your own story, based on 'Castle Adventure'. It would be helpful to have the 'Castle Adventure' story map to look at alongside this. You do not need to write the story today. We want you to draw and make notes which will help and remind you when you are ready to write later in the week.

Grown ups, your child could complete half of their story map today and finish it off tomorrow if needed. There will be time for this.


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