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Team 1 English 27.1.21

Today we would like you to tell your story.

Look carefully at your story map to remind yourself about the main events and the order in which they happen. Then use your puppets, which you made yesterday, to practise telling your story aloud.

Remember you need to add detail and make it interesting to listen to as a story. Don't just list the events that happen. Think about the story words which you might use, such as once upon a time / long ago / in a land far away.

You could practise telling the story to a pet or teddy bear first and then ask a grown up to watch / listen to your 'performance' when you are ready. You could even ask them to film it so that you can watch it back. Think about what went well and if there is anything you want to change or improve.

Have fun with it and use it as time to prepare yourself for writing the story tomorrow.


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