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Team 1 English 28.1.21

Today in English we would like you to write your own magical adventure story.

Remind yourself of all your ideas by looking at your story map and any drawings or models that you have made.

Top tip 1: Try to write at least one sentence for each of the pictures on your story map.

Top tip 2: Use what you know about the 'Castle Adventure' story to help you.

Make sure that you have some paper and a pencil. Also make sure that you are sitting somewhere comfortable and have space to work.

Remember to think about using:

  • capital letters

  • full stops

  • spaces between words

  • careful and correct letter formation

  • describing words (adjectives)

  • adverbs (year 2s)

Remember to keep stopping to read your story aloud to yourself or a grown up. Does it make sense? Have you made any mistakes?

Grown ups: Your child may need help to get started and to think about how their story will begin. Talk some ideas through together.

If your child finds it difficult to sit and concentrate, break up their story writing into short sessions.

Some children may find it easier to write a simple sentence about the beginning, one thing that happens in the middle of the story and one sentence about how the story ends. Please use this simple template to support their writing.

Please email a photo of your work to us today so we can see how you have got on.


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