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Team 1 English 29.1.21

Today's English is our SPAG session. (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar)

Year 1 SPAG - Today we are focusing on using and recognising 'but' in sentences. Have a look at this slide to recap what a sentence is, to look again at the term 'conjunction' and to learn about when 'but' is used. Then look at this powerpoint presentation all about recognising and using 'but' in sentences. Finally, have a go at completing this sheet.

Year 2 SPAG - Today we are focussing on 'recognising and using simple contractions'.

But what is a contraction?

“Contract” means to get smaller or shorter. So, when we are using a contraction, we are making the words “shorter”. A simple way to explain it is to say that a contraction is “a shorter way to say two words".

For example can not becomes can't.

Oh, and there is an apostrophe that fills the space of those missing letters...

Work through these slides to learn more!

Then have a go at these questions. If you can, try to do all of them to practise.

Good luck!

Please email us a photo of your work today so we can see how you have got on.


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