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Team 1 English Monday 1.2.21

Good morning!

We would like to say a super well done for all your hard work on your 'adventure' stories last week - we were so impressed with the final write ups.

Today we are going to be starting a new English sequence.

Over the next two weeks, we are going to be learning about 'instructions'.

For our first lesson we would like you to watch this video.

There are some activities as you go, so make sure you have a pencil and some paper handy and that you are ready to press pause!

Year 2s - this teacher will take you through a great spelling starter at the beginning of the video - make sure you listen well and join in please.

A note to Year 1 parents - the first part of this teaching video may be too tricky for your child - skip to 8 minutes in to continue with the lesson.

Have fun!


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