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Team 1 English Monday 18.1.21

Today we would like you to remind yourself of the 'Castle Adventure' story. Click here to read the story again. Try to join in with as much as you can. Can you use some expression for the different character voices?


We would like you to use the story map, which you drew last week, to practise re-telling the story in your own words (some of your words might be different from the book). We would like you to prepare a 'performance' of the story for someone in your family.

Try to remember the main events that happen and try to get them in the right order. Your story map will help with this!

Remember to use some expression for the character voices here too. Your grown ups could join in with you if you like!

We'd love to see your work from today - so please email us any photos or videos of your 'performance'.


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