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Team 1 English Monday 22.2.21

Today's English is our SPAG session. (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar)

Year 1 SPAG - Today we are continuing to learn about using an exclamation mark. Have a look at this power point presentation all about using an exclamation mark with commands. Then, have a go at completing this sheet.

Year 2 SPAG - Today we are looking at whether the -s is being used as a possessive or plural?

We need to spot the difference between words ending in -s because there is more than one object (plural) and words ending in -’s because it indicates possession.

Think back to our spelling sessions before half term. We learnt that when there is more than one of something it is a plural. We practised adding -s as a suffix to show this.

Eg sock became socks

But this is different to adding an apostrophe with an s ('s) to show that it belongs to someone or something.

Eg It belongs to Ben. It is Ben's.

Work through these slides to learn more and practise.

Then complete these worksheets. You do not need to do all 3. Have a go at page 1 and work on from there.

Good luck!


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