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Team 1 English Thursday 4.2.21

We would like to see your English work today so please email a photo to your class teacher.

Hello Year 1 and Year 2,

I have used your 'How to make a paper crown' instruction maps from yesterday and I have had a go at writing the instructions...

BUT my laptop has done something weird and now the steps are all out of order!!

They are a right old mess - click here to look at them!!

Do you think you can put these instructions in the correct order? You might need to cut them out and stick them back on a fresh piece of paper to help organise them again - good luck!

Click here for the video clip if you need a reminder.

Once you have got the 'How to make a paper crown' instructions back into the correct order, do you think you can highlight / circle /underline the imperative verbs, the bossy verbs?

Which verbs are ordering or commanding you to do something?

How many can you find?

Happy hunting.


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