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Team 1 English Thursday 4.3.21


I hope you enjoyed making your story maps of the Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot yesterday. If you haven’t finished it, try and finish it today.

For today’s task we are going to be vocabulary detectives.

This story, compared to the castle Adventure, has some good vocabulary and also some Space language in it.

Therefore, your task today is to read the book again here and record any vocabulary that your think is good, any that you are not sure the meaning of and finally any words you find funny or interesting. You could record them on a spider graph like this.

Once you have been detectives through the whole book, then see if you can find out the meaning of the unfamiliar words and add any other good descriptive adjectives you can think of linked to Space. Why not try and invent some of your own words, like Nick’s real name or some of the robot noises!


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