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Team 1 English Tuesday 12.1.21

Have a look at this picture...

(pages 2 and 3 (Castle Adventure ppt)).

Can you read it through? Did you notice how simple the text is. The author hasn't used very exciting words have they?

Today we are going to have a go at 'up-levelling' this part of the story. We are going to see if you can improve it.

First, talk with your grown up talk with and make a list of words and phrases to describe the what the black witch is doing in the picture.

What does she look like / what is she doing / how is she doing it / would she be making any sounds?

Ask your grown up to write for this bit - together, can you try using the words / phrases to write a description about the black witch in the scene.

Eg One gloomy morning the black witch sat smiling an evil smile in her big pink chair, next to the roaring fire.


Now work together to list words and phrases to describe the red and / or green witch in the book – look at their appearance and behaviour in the scene.

Using these lists can you now write your own description of one or both of these witches in the scene.

We look forward to reading them!

We'd love to see your work from today - so please email it to us.


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