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Team 1 English Tuesday 2.3.21

Today we are going to ‘Babblegabble’ the Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot story.

The idea of Babblegabble is to retell the story firstly as quickly as you can, just focussing on the key parts of the story.

Then, the next time you retell it, you must use as much description and detail as possible. Thinking carefully about what is happening on each page. This doesn’t have to be quick, but it does have to be descriptive.

Here is a video of me having a go at a quick Babblegabble using the story of the 3 Little Pigs.

As you can see, using the pictures from the book can be very helpful!

Here is another Babblegabble video, this time I am having a go at being more descriptive and adding detail to the story, making it more interesting.

I made myself a few notes to help pick out some key description to help me with this one.

Now it is your turn! Can you Babblegabble the Three Little Aliens story?

I suggest first you re-read the story here and then use the pictures to Babblegabble it quickly first and then slower with more description.

You can do this with a grown up, maybe taking turns to do a page each, or you could try it out on your teddies or a pet!

Have fun Babblegabbling!


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