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Team 1 English Tuesday 23.2.21

This week in English, we are using the book 'Here Come the Aliens', which links well with our main theme, 'Explorers - Space'. We will be working towards writing a description of our own alien characters on Friday.

First today, we would like you to click here to read the book. Enjoy!

In order to be able to write a description of our alien characters, we need to understand describing words - these are called 'adjectives'. We have learned about using adjectives before (especially Y2 children) but would like you to click here to recap what they are and how we can use them.

Now we would like you to try to spot adjectives in the book.

Click here for an example, where we found the adjectives.

Then, click here for a page of text from the book and challenge yourself to find as many different adjectives as you can. You could colour them in or circle them.

Finally, we would like you to create a mind map of all the adjectives that you have found today (see example below). You might even want to add some of your own adjectives to describe the aliens in the pictures. Keep your mind map safe as it will be useful later on in the week when you write your own alien description.


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