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Team 1 English Wednesday 13.1.21

Have a look at this picture...

(pages 20 and 21 (Castle Adventure ppt))

Can you read these pages? They are pretty simple again aren't they?

Today we are going to have another go at improving and 'up-levelling' this part of the story.

Talk with your grown up again to make a list words and phrases to describe the scene of the party.


Now using those words, you are going to write a description of the guests and the food.

For example...

The King had a party. The table was over-flowing with delicious treats piled high. There were sweet iced cakes and crunchy biscuits. The princess bit into a juicy exotic fruit as the servants brought out plates heavy with steaming hot meat.

Use these sentence starters to help you.

The dining room was full of … guests.

There were …

The table was full of …food.

There was …

Have fun!


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