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Team 1 English Wednesday 20.1.21

Today you are going to continue to develop ideas for your own magical adventure story. Remember, you get to choose and anything can happen because it is fiction (made up)!

We will be using the main ideas / events from 'Castle Adventure' but making small changes to include your own ideas and to turn it into your story.

Think about your work yesterday - Where does the magic take them in your story? Try to link your work today with this.

Today, we are going to focus on: Who are the 3 bad characters in your story? and What spell has been put on the King?

Have a look below for some ideas but there are many more and we are sure that you have lots of your own.


3 aliens 3 giants 3 evil fairies


turned into a dragon turned to stone turned into a tree


Today we would like you to show us who the 3 bad characters are in your story and what spell has been put on the king. You could show your ideas by:

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Collage - cutting and sticking

  • Making - you could build with Lego or make something using boxes and cardboard tubes.

Add some labels to your work to describe and explain the characters or spell eg an enormous giant who towers over buildings / a friendly, purple dragon with large, orange wings.

Miss Gallaway has been joining in is her example:

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