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Team 1 English Wednesday 3.2.21

Good morning!

Well done with yesterday's imperative verb spotting. Can you remember what an imperative verb is? Tell your grown up...

(that's right, imperative verbs tell someone to do something so that the sentence becomes an order or command.)

Today we are going to follow on from Miss Barron's lesson and we would like you to draw an instructions map to explain how to make a paper crown. Do you remember she showed you at the end of the last lesson? Maybe you had a go at making one.

First, can you put these 'How to make a paper crown' instruction pictures in the right order?

You might want to have another quick watch of the video to remind yourselves.

Next, can you map out the instructions in pictures? You can use the pictures from the sequencing for some of it but you will need to draw your own too.

You need to complete all the sections of the instruction map.

Remember there's a title, 'Introduction - what is it for?', 'What you need', 'What to do', 'Conclusion - what happens when you have followed the instructions'.

You can look at this layout to help you.

Good luck!


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