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Team 1 History 19.1.21

Today we are going to look a little deeper into the features of a castle.

Did you ever wonder why some castles have towers and some don't? Why some castles have a moat and some don't?

There were two main reasons to build a castle in medieval Britain:

• ‘Show down’ – to provide a place of protection.

• ‘Show off’ – to show your importance and wealth.

Some features of a castle where to built to defend it and others where built to show off and impress people.

How might we find out the purpose of a particular castle?

We can tell by looking closely at the buildings, by counting up the number of 'show down' features compared to 'show off' features. But which are which?

Activity: Have a look through this list of features and discuss each one with your grown up to decide. Is it used to defend the castle or just to impress people?

Now have a go at labelling the features of a castle on this sheet and write sentences to explain the purpose (show off/show down) of some features.

Have fun!


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