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Team 1 History Session 1

Have a look at these pictures....can you guess our new Theme?

That's right Castles! Our Theme title is Brilliant Buildings and we decide to focus on Castles because we think they are pretty cool.

Have a look at our Knowledge Organiser below to learn some of the facts and vocab that we will be covering over the coming weeks.

Session 1

Today we are going to learn about a famous battle. Some of the first castles were built in Britain after the Norman invasion when the most famous battle in England took place – The Battle of Hastings.

Work through this pdf to learn more about the battle.


Have a go at making some puppets of each King to re-enact the battle with you grown-up.

Click here for a template of the characters to use if you'd like.

You can use this animated version of The Bayeux Tapestry to help you remember the order of events.

Have fun!


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