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Team 1 History Session 2

What can you remember about the Battle of Hastings? Who were the 3 Kings fighting for the role?

Click here to remind yourselves.

William the Conquer

He was the first Norman king.

The Normans built some of the first stone castles in England, including Windsor Castle and the Tower of London.

They wanted to make sure that they could defend England from any more invaders, and being inside a strong stone castle was a good way to do that.

Watch this clip to learn more about the Normans.


You will need a grown-up to help you. Can you cut and stick these captions and pictures in the right order to sequence the key events of the Battle of Hastings. By the end, you will have your own labelled Bayeux Tapestry.

(If you would rather draw it yourself that is fine too.)

Good luck.


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