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Team 1 Home and School Learning Thursday 4.3.21

Happy Thursday everybody! Today is World Book Day, so we hope that you can find some time to read a book or listen to a story. This might be by yourself or cuddled up with your family or pet. If you have chosen to dress up like a character from a book, please send a photo to your class teacher, we would love to see you!

Well done to you all for continuing with the home learning. We think you (and your grown ups) are doing an amazing job and we are so proud of you.

We saw some lovely story maps yesterday of 'The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot'. Many thanks to those of you who sent in your work.

Today, we would like to see your Maths work. We look forward to seeing some more measuring from Year 1 and some shape patterns from Year 2. Please email your class teacher a photo of your work. This may be practical or recorded on a sheet.

We hope you have a lovely day and enjoy your learning.

Team 1 adults xx


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