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Team 1 PSHE 28.1.21

Today we are continuing to focus on emotions and feelings.

We want you to start each session by becoming aware of yourself and relaxing.

Use one of these video clips to help you relax, focus on yourself and your breathing.

Year 1

Follow the slides in this document being sure to stop when it asks you to do an activity or talk to your grown-up.


Role play an example of a time when someone feels jealous (it could be about you or a made up character). Act out your example of jealousy for the family. Can they spot who is jealous and understand why?

Year 2

Follow the slides in this document, stopping to talk to your grown-up when it asks you to discuss things.


Complete this body outline- draw on the expression and any other ways to show how you body reacts when you are angry. You can also write words around the outside to describe what happens eg shaking / clenched fists etc. At the bottom of the sheet, write what helps you to feel better.


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