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Team 1 PSHE Monday 11.1.21

This half term we will be learning about emotions and feelings.

We want you to start each session by becoming aware of yourself and relaxing.

Use one of these video clips to help you relax, focus on yourself and your breathing.

Year 1

Follow the slides in this document being sure to stop when it asks you to do an activity or talk to your grown-up.


Play a role play game. Take it in turns with partner to choose a feeling or an emotion to act out. Can they guess what it is?

Year 2

Follow the slides in this document, stopping to talk to your grown-up when it asks you to discuss things.


Can you draw / write about what you do when you feel worried?

Or you can choose their favourite idea from the slides if you like.

Have fun.

We'd love to see your work from today - so please email us photos/videos.


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