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Team 1 PSHE Wednesday 20.1.21

Today we are continuing to focus on emotions and feelings.

We want you to start each session by becoming aware of yourself and relaxing.

Use one of these video clips to help you relax, focus on yourself and your breathing.

Year 1

Follow the slides in this document being sure to stop when it asks you to do an activity or talk to your grown-up.


Complete the different feelings sheet, drawing / writing about when you might experience different feelings / emotions.

Year 2

Follow the slides in this document, stopping to talk to your grown-up when it asks you to discuss things.


Watch this film about worry and help the characters to make a good decision. (You may find it takes a while to load up but it should play after a moment.)

Complete the tree of trust sheet, drawing and labelling the people you can talk to when you are worried about something.

Have fun.


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