Team 1 PSHE Wednesday 3.2.21

We would like to see what you get up to for PSHE today so please email a photo to your class teacher.

This week is Children's Mental Health week and today we are focusing on mental wellbeing.

We would like to encourage you to start the session by becoming aware of yourself and relaxing.

Use one of these video clips to help you relax, focus on yourself and your breathing.

Magic Cloud

Flower Breath

Year 1 and Year 2

Follow the slides in this power point being sure to stop when it asks you to do an activity or talk to your grown-up.


1) Watch this short film and complete the 'Draw your Feelings' activity as instructed. Click here for a body outline if that is helpful.

2) Spend some time outdoors, as instructed in the power point.

3) Repeat the 'Draw your feelings' activity as instructed in the power point. Watch the short film again if needed and click here for another body outline if that is helpful.

Have fun.

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