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Team 1 Science Friday 12.2.21

Discussion starter:

Have a think about some of the transparent materials you found yesterday and have a discussion with your grown up about what if all materials were transparent. Would it be good or bad? Useful or not useful? Transparent cars, doors, clothes! If you like, take a look at this story to help start your discussion The Emperor's New Clothes Full Movie | Fairy Tales | Bedtime Stories - Bing video

Have a look at this interactive picture to remind you of the properties of materials. Which material do we use? - BBC Bitesize

Today we are going to be silly scientists and reinvent some objects using materials that have inappropriate properties.

For example, imaging how useless a teapot would be made of chocolate or a fork made from paper.


Think up some silly products like a chocolate teapot that would melt as soon as you added hot tea. The material and their properties would be all wrong for the job the object needs to do.

Draw pictures of your ideas and write labels explaining what would happen when you tried to use your object. What properties would be missing from your invention to make it work successfully?

Have fun!


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