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Team 1 Science Thursday 11.2.21

Today we are going to be scientists and test materials for their transparency.

To do this we need to learn some scientific vocabulary:

Transparent - means that you can see details through it clearly.

Translucent - means that light passes through it, but you cannot see clearly through it (shapes can be made out but no detail).

Opaque – means that light cannot pass through it, therefore you cannot see anything through it.


We would like you to investigate how to test the transparency of some different materials. Using your list of materials from yesterday, your task is to find an effective way of testing their level of transparency.

Discuss with your grown-up different ways you could test the transparency. For example, looking through the material at a window or a lamp, shine torchlight through it or maybe take a photo through it.

You can use this table to help you sort the materials. Once you have sorted them, have a go at ordering them into their levels of transparency using this chart.


Think about using different thicknesses of a material. For paper for example you could try writing paper, toilet paper, a tissue and then kitchen roll. Does it make a difference?

Or for metal try a tin can and then some foil. Any difference to its transparency?

Have fun!


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