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Team 1 Science Wednesday 10.2.21

Today we are going to be material scientists and explore everyday materials.

Materials are what things are made of. For example, clothes are made from fabric and houses walls are made from brick, so fabric and brick are types of materials.

Have a look at this video Materials and their uses - KS1 Science - BBC Bitesize and see how many different types of materials you can spot.


We would like you to go on a material hunt around you home, garden, garage or shed and find objects that are made from different materials and record them on this table. You can draw or write the object. See if you can find any objects that are the same but are made from different material.

Discuss with your grown up the properties of that material and why that material has been used to make that object.

For example, a car windscreen is made out of glass because it is rigid, transparent and waterproof.

Use the list of properties here to help you complete the table.

Properties to think about:

Is the material…

· Waterproof

· Reflective/shiny

· Non reflective/ not shiny

· Rigid/stiff

· Flexible/bendy

· Transparent/ can see-through it clearly.

· Opaque/ can’t see-through it at all.

Click here for a more detailed glossary of characteristics.

Happy hunting!

We would love to see all the things you found so please send us a photo of your completed list.


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