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Team 1 Theme Geography Monday 1.3.21

Today we are going to explore what your rocket mice might have seen if they really got up as far as Space last week and have a look at what astronauts can see from their spaceships.

Click here to have a look at some images of Earth from different Spaceships.

You can make out the different areas of land mass beneath the clouds.

These lands are split into separate 7 continents:

Ø North America

Ø South America

Ø Europe

Ø Asia

Ø Australasia

Ø Antarctica

Ø Africa

A continent is a continuous expanse of land that is formed of many different countries.

Did you notice Australasia sounds a little bit like the country name? It is sometimes referred to as Oceania.

Have a go at singing along to this continents song to help you learn all 7.

(I know the Year 2s LOVE this song!!)


For today’s activity you need explore using Google Earth to see the land mass of Earth from an astronaut’s point of view.

Using the search option, can you find all 7 of the continents and label them on this map of the world.

Once you’re done. Have a go at completing the sentences under the map. Talk to your grown up about what town you live in and what county it is in. Then think about what country you live in and what continent it is on.

Finally, make sure you hold on to your work from today as you will need it to record tomorrows learning too.

Have fun in exploring!


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