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Team 1 Theme History & Geography 27.1.21

Today we are going to collect together lots of your learning to make a double page spread.

To start your double page, we would like you to put a map of the United Kingdom in the middle with all the different countries labelled (neatly). Click here for a template. If you would like to use a different title - just chop it off and write your own. You could carefully colour each country a different colour to make them stand out.

Have a look at this sheet - Next we would like to arrange these castles in the correct places around the edge of your map...think carefully where each castle is in the UK. Can you find the capital cities?

Click here for more information or you could do you own research with an adult.

Each picture has a box underneath for you to write some extra facts about each castle.

Gather some facts by looking closely at the pictures, using the information on the slides above or from your own research.

You could tell us...

Which country is it located in?

Which city is it located in?

Is it a Motte and Bailey or a Stone Keep?

What features does it have? What are they for?

Any other interesting facts?

Good luck!

Please send us a photograph of your double-page spread and keep it safe - we can stick them into your Theme books when you come back to school.

We are sure you can explain what a double page spread is and that they will be amazing but in case you get stuck-

here is mine; I have just got started...

Adults please encourage discussion around each castle linking to previous learning as much as possible. It would be good to encourage rewording of facts rather than direct copying. If you come across new vocabulary or words they are not sure about, un-pick it with your child and ask them to share it with their class teacher - we'd love to hear.


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