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Team 1 Theme 'Wonderful World'

Our theme this half term is 'Wonderful World'.

Click here for the Knowledge Organiser.

Please talk through the vocabulary with your child.

Have a look at the latest weekly update email to see the latest learning that you child has covered in class.

Some activity ideas..

Watch the weather forecast and spot the language describing the weather.

Keep a weather diary....what is the weather doing today? What was it like yesterday?

Role play - pretend to be the weather presenter and film yourself presenting the weather forecast.

Recap the 7 continents using this game.

Recap the countries and capitals of the UK using this game.

Sing the contents song - click here.

Sing the oceans song - click here

What is the same and different between Crediton and Byron Bay? Do some research together and find out some facts about Byron Bay (Australia) and compare them to facts about Crediton.

If you would like some more ideas of direction please contact your child's class teacher.


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