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Team 2 at the Zoo!

Team 2 had a fantastic day at Paignton Zoo on Tuesday! We started the day in Lemur Wood and we discovered how much they love swinging from the trees (we had a go swinging on the wobbly bridge ourselves!)

We had a brilliant keeper talk about giraffes and learnt about their savannah habitat. We talked about how they have adapted to be able to pick leaves from high in the trees and how their neck bones connect together (we even saw a real life giraffe's neck bone thanks to Keeper Mark!)

We went through tropical biomes (full of turtles and lizards!) and arid biomes (which was hot like a desert!) and we really got to put our geography knowledge to the test.

It was a brilliant day and we want to thank Paignton Zoo for the opportunity to go - and Happy 100 year birthday to the zoo!


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