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Team 3 - Ancient Egyptians

This half term in team 3, we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. The children have been working hard and have become fantastic historians. They have been thinking carefully about the accuracy of the source of information and whether it is a primary or secondary source.

They have used many sources to find the answers to questions such as:

What dates did the Ancient Egyptian era cover?

Where is Egypt?

Why did the Ancient Egyptian era end?

Why did the Ancient Egyptians settle near the Nile?

How did they communicate?

How do we find out about the past?

What did they believe in?

What happened when they died?

Who was Tutankhamun?

The children have used this knowledge to create a double page spread in their theme books.


Whilst learning about the process of mummification, the children developed their clay skills and created their own sarcophagus.

After exploring Egyptian patterns, the children designed their sarcophagus and thought carefully about the patterns they wanted to include.

They then used slipping, scoring and blending to join the clay together to create their sarcophagus before using clay tools to score their patterns into the clay.


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