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Team 3 - World War Two

Last half-term, in Team 3, the children became historians and we learnt all about World War Two. They thought carefully about the accuracy of the source of information and whether it is a primary or secondary source. They also made connections to other times in history and were able to link it to events in the news more recently.

To begin the topic, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Main, a WW2 expert! He has a wealth of knowledge about WW2 and was able to answer all of the children’s questions.

The children all had the opportunity to look at a variety of WW2 authentic memorabilia, including weapons and uniforms.

This meant that the children were able to experience primary sources of information.

Alongside key dates and research into the Axis Powers and Allies, the children covered topics which included: evacuation, life at home, ration books, the home front and the Blitz.

They have used many sources to find the answers to questions such as:

  • When did WWII start?

  • Why did WWII start?

  • Who was involved on each side?

  • What did the people of Crediton/Exeter do on the home front?

  • How was Exeter impacted by the Blitz?

  • What can we see in Crediton now from WWII?

  • Why was the home-front so important during WW2?

  • Was life “nice” for an evacuee in Devon?

  • Would life have been different for the people in Crediton if they lived somewhere else?

The children have used this knowledge to create a double page spread in their theme books, take a look at everything they're learnt!


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