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Year 1 Maths 11.2.21

Today in maths we are working on comparing numbers within 50.

Use this counting back in ones song to get you warmed up and ready to start today. Ask a grown up to stop the song in different places so that you can identify the next number - the number that is one less. Click here and get ready to join in.

Can you remember these symbols? You will need them for today's Maths work.

Now have a look at this video.

You could click here for the power point slides if you would prefer to go at your own pace.

Remember to share your ideas and answers with a grown up.

Finally, I would like you to complete this worksheet to compare numbers within 50.

I would like you to represent the numbers practically using objects such as beads / counters / pasta as this will support your work today.

You may also find it helpful to use this number grid when you are comparing numbers.

Grown ups: Encourage your child to say a full sentence to compare the numbers, using the words, more than / less than / fewer than / greater than.

If your child is finding these numbers tricky, please work on numbers within 10 and then numbers within 20. Encourage your child to accurately count out sets of objects / recognise the numbers on the number grid and to use appropriate language to compare numbers as directed above.

Extension Challenge:

Can you explain to a grown up how you know that one number is more than / less than the other number? Can you talk about the number of tens and ones that you can see in the number?


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