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Year 1 Maths 27.1.21

Today in maths we are focusing on related facts.

Use this gentle number bonds to 10 song to get you warmed up and ready to start today. Click here and get ready to join in.

Now have a look at these power point slides. Remember to share your ideas and answers with a grown up.

Finally, I would like you to complete this sheet, exploring and recording the related facts for given numbers. I would like you to use objects, such as counters, beads or pasta to represent the numbers on a part whole model or bar model practically first. This will really help you to find and understand the related facts.

Grown ups, if your child is finding this work tricky, please just focus on them finding the 2 addition calculations and understanding that we can swap the order of the 'parts' when adding.

Extension: If you are quick to complete this activity and you have been able to find the related facts, ask your grown up to give you some other numbers to put in your part whole model or bar model and record the related facts.


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