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Year 1 Maths 4.2.21

Today in maths we are focusing on tens and ones.

Use this counting in tens song to get you warmed up and ready to start today. Remember to pronounce the number names correctly! Click here and get ready to join in.

Now have a look at this video.

You could click here for the power point slides if you would prefer to go at your own pace.

Remember to share your ideas and answers with a grown up.

Finally, I would like you to complete this worksheet.

I would recommend using objects from around the house to represent this work practically eg using pencils to represent the tens and counters / beads / pasta to represent the ones.

Grown ups: If your child is finding this work tricky, please ask them to complete just questions 1 and 2.

Then practise counting in tens to 100. You could use the song from the start of this session and you could use objects to represent the tens such as, pencils, as you count.

Extension challenge:

Pick any number from 1 to 50 and have a go at representing it, showing the tens and ones. You could draw it or use objects from around your home to show it practically eg I can show 43 with 4 pencils, to show 4 tens and 3 bits of pasta, to show 3 ones.


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