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Year 1 Phonics Week bg 25.1.21

It's time for more online phonics lessons this week. I have been pleased to hear that many of you are enjoying these sessions and are also engaging well with the games. Keep it up everyone!

As always, grown ups, please try to sit with your child for at least one / some of them. There is a different lesson to do each day. Have a go together and have fun!

Monday - Learn the 'ew' sound click here

Tuesday - Learn the 'u-e' sound click here

Wednesday - Learn the 'e' sound (me) click here

Thursday - Learn the 'aw' sound click here

Friday - Recap the 'ph' sound click here

You can also work on reading the phase 5 high frequency words using the Tricky Word Trucks game. Click here to play.

If you want to work on spellings, you could have a go at the Little Birds spelling game. Click on Year 1 at the top of the page and then click on a bird box to choose a list of words for your child to practise spelling.


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