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Year 2 Maths - Spring 2 2022

Hello Year 2,

If you are looking for some additional maths learning to complete whilst you are at home, then below are lots of great activities.

Numbots - Practise your fluency Click here for the link.Click here for help.

TTRS - If you have been given a login for this, then you can begin to practise your times tables.

Here are some other maths games and activities - choose a maths topic that you feel you need more practise at: Topmarks website We also use games from the nrich website - but they sometimes need resourcing.

In class this half term we are going to be looking at fractions and Length and Height. You could also visit the White Rose website to find some activities which link to these.

Please check out the weekly email to ensure you have the most up to date links for the current maths lessons.

Below are some images of key knowledge the children need to know.

Children need to know the fractions 1/2 (half), 1/3 (third) and 1/4 (quarter) and be able to recognise these of shapes and numbers. The children have learnt that to find half of a number we divide by 2, to find a third we divide by 3 and to find a quarter we divide by 4.


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