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Year 2 Spelling

f you are isolating or would like some additional spelling activities, here are some you can enjoy!

Please continue to practise the phonics sounds if your child is not familiar or if they struggle to use the correct phoneme for spelling.

Can you spell all of the Year 1 common exception words? Have a practise. Here are all of the words!

Why not have a practise at some of the Year 2 common exception words. Here are all of the words!

Challenge - can you write them into a sentence?

We have now started the Year 2 Spelling Programme and below are some of the spellings we have and will be looking at this half term.

  1. Homophones - words which sound the same, but have different meanings and are spelt differently.

Why not have a think about different homophones you know eg. bee/be, flower/flour. How many words can you think of? Can you find out the meaning of them? Can you write the correct spelling in a sentence so that it makes sense? Have a look at this website for some games and ideas -

2. Hangman - Try playing the game hangman with your child to encourage them as a fun way towards spelling.

3. Words with j/g/dge/ge.

How many different words do you know with this sound in? Can you find out how to spell them correctly? Play some games linking to this sound -

4. Silent letters - kn, gn

How many words can you think of that have this spelling pattern in? Can you write them into a sentence?


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