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Year 2 Spelling wb 22.2.21

In Year 2 there is a list of words known as Common Exception words. This list is made up of words that don't follow our normal rules of phonics and spelling. You should be able to spell the Year 1 words so this week we will focus on the Year 2 list.

This week, I would like you to work with your grown up to see how many words you can spell correctly from the Year 2 list.


Ask an adult to read the word aloud to you. Then have a go at spelling it.

Work through the words highlighted in this picture.

Give it your best try - don't worry about marking it today. We will do the next half of the list tomorrow and then look at which words you each need to practise.

Keep your answers safe to carry this on on Tuesday.


Have a go at spelling the next part of the Year 2 list. Ask a grown up to read the words to you and try your best to spell them.

Focus on these highlighted words.

Keep your answers safe to check tomorrow.


Work together with your adult to mark your spellings.

Pick 5 spellings to focus on. Maybe you got muddled with some that have a similar pattern.

You are going to practise these 5 spellings.

You can use the look/cover/write/check method we use at school - using a plain piece if paper - write the 5 words down in a column (ask your grown up to check they are correct).

Have a close look to remember them. Then fold the paper to hide them and have a go at spelling them again without looking. Check them. Then repeat the folding until you run out of paper.

Or here are some other ways to practise.


Choose another 5 spellings from your spelling list to focus on. Repeat either the look/cover/write/check or one of the other methods above to practise these words. Ask a grown up to check the words are spelt correctly first.


Can you read all of these common exception words?

Now have a practise of spelling some 'Common Exception' words with these games.

Click here to play. Choose Year 2 and have a go.

Good luck!


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