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Year 4 Maths - 18th January

Monday -

Before we begin please have a go practising your times tables on TTRockstars -

Today we are focusing on multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number.

Mrs T has filmed a helpful video to introduce you to the grid method

This isn't the method you will see in the WhiteRose video below, but we think it is a better method to use to start with!

Now you've seen Mrs T's video - have a go at answering 19 x 5 using the grid below:

Can you use the grid below to help you answer 16 x 8?

Can you solve 19 x 4 using the grid method?

Can you use the grid to help you solve these calculations?

To see a different method here is the White Rose video -

Here is a worksheet (This worksheet uses a different method - if you are struggling with it then use the grid method we have shown you above instead!)

This method is used in the White Rose video - for an extra challenge can you spot the mistake?


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