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Year 4 Maths - 22nd February

Today we are going to be looking at fractions. Fractions are parts of a whole.

Fractions must always be split into equal parts .

Here is a video to help you for today -

Extra Activity:

If you want to, have a go at our Smartie Fraction Worksheet! If you don't have Smarties don't worry! This activity works with other objects such as different coloured Lego pieces (but they must be the same size!) coloured counters, different coloured sweets (such as JellyBabies, M&Ms or Fruit Pastels) or even different coloured mugs in your kitchen!

Click here to download the worksheet:

Monday Y3 and Y4 Smarties Fractions
Download PDF • 240KB

The first thing you need to do is count how many of each colour you have and how many Smarties (or whatever you are using!) you have in total. This is your denominator.

Your next job is to count how many of each colour you have - this is your numerator.

For example, if you have 24 smarties altogether and 4 of them are blue - your fraction for the blue smarties would be 4/24 (remember we write the line underneath!)

Can you find any other fractions at home? Or on your daily walk?


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