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Year 4 Maths - 29th January


Today is our last day looking at multiplication and division!

We are going to practise looking at some of the different methods we have done so far - there are two different worksheets for today. One focusing on multiplication and one focusing on division.


Watch Mrs T's video again to remind you how to set up the grid method when multiplying 2 digit numbers and 1 digit numbers.

Using this method to have a go at these calculations below:

Here is the worksheet:

Download PDF • 167KB


We can use the "Bus stop" method to help when dividing - remember we sometimes need to exchange/carry tens over! Watch Mrs T's videos to recap this method:

Use this method to work out these calculations below:

Now have a go at the worksheet for today:

Download • 311KB

Here are the answers for both worksheets so you can check your work: Multiplication

Download • 170KB


Download • 313KB

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