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Year 4 Maths - January 25th


Have a look at these three different methods for working out division calculations. 1) Using place value counters - can you draw this out and put the counters in the correct columns? We looked at this method last week!

2) Counting up on a number line

3) Using formal division methods - sometimes called the "bus stop" method. Talk to a grown up at home about each method - which do you prefer? Which do they prefer?

Today we will focus more on the bus stop method - go through this PowerPoint on using Formal Division.

Download • 134KB

Mrs T's video will also help you

Using the formal division method (or the "bus stop") have a go at this worksheet

Year 3 Monday
Download PDF • 124KB

Here are the answers to mark your work -

Download PDF • 39KB

Now have a go at this question:


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